Thứ Tư, 3/3/2021 | 21:29 GMT +7


The students are provided with internationalized environment, with modern facilities for living and learning. 

+ The campus contains a series of study rooms (including labs), a park, and other facilities meeting the students’ needs.

+ Learning space: there are over 120 study rooms covering an area of up to 12.000m2. Classrooms are equipped with projectors, air conditioners and other necessities. Additionally, sound and wireless network systems are available in  large learning rooms.

+ Laboratory series: there are 68 labs and specialized rooms, covering an area of over 5000m2 and including spaces for conducting experiments on fisheries sector, environment, tourism, etc.

+ Library: a modern and spacious study place for HALOUers, which covers 2000m2 and provides a great deal of studying resources (around 90000 copies), as well as high-tech devices.

+ Spaces for cultures:  students are able to experience English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Laos cultures by hosting or joining programs for exchange students.

+ Hall of residence is safe, modern and convenient.

+ Canteen provides students with almost every necessity.

+ Entertaining spaces: there are 2 football pitches, 4 volleyball courts, and other spaces for different sports, where students and their club study and carry out activities.